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Maria Collins
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Maria Drivette Shaftene Collins
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Family members
Charlie Pace - Father
Sylvia Collins - Mother
Liam Pace - Uncle
Valentina Pace - Cousin
Renato Hibbs - Boyfriend


Maria Drivette Shaftene Collins, more commonly known as "Mary", is a main character in the fan fiction Lost Noir. She is a young girl who is kidnapped by a mysterious man.


Maria waits at a University Campus Library for her music composition teacher/boyfriend, Renato Hibbs, so they can later go over to a bar together. However, it soon becomes apparent that her that he isn't coming. Growing hungry, Maria tries to buy a cupcake from a vending machine. It gets stuck on its way down and Maria angrily hits the machine. A strange man approaches Maria from behind and offers her one of his candy bars, saying he accidentally got two from the machine earlier. Maria seems hesitant to take the candy bar at first, but decides to take and eat it when she just simply assumes he was trying to flirt with her. She then decides to meet Renato at the bar and she leaves the Campus. However, on her way out, Maria starts to feel dizzy so she makes her way towards a bench. She doesn't make it in time and collapses to the floor. The strange man then approaches Maria and takes her into a van. ("Rage Against the Candy Machine")

Maria is taken to an unknown building were she rests unconscious for a while. When her kidnapped, Josef Bakunin, tracks down Maria's cousin, Valentina Pace, to give her instructions, he calls a cellphone to prove that Maria has in fact been taken hostage. Maria is woke up by a henchman and is forced to speak into the phone, still very delusional. Maria tells her cousin that she needs help. She explains that she has been kidnapped and tells Valentina to do whatever they tell her or she will be killed. The connection to the call is then lost. ("Sixteen Cent Watered Down Beer Night")

TBA ("A Very Very Soft Bed")