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Josef Bakunin is a main character in the fan fiction Lost Noir. He is the henchman of a big employer who kidnaps Maria Collins and provides Valentina Pace with information on how to save her.


Josef catches Maria Collins trying to work a candy machine and informs her that it's always broken. He soon offers her an Apollo bar which she hungrily accepts after hesitating but deciding that the guy was probably coming onto her. She soon feels weird and rushes outside, she is then shoved into a car by two men and passes out due to the Apollo bar she should not have accepted from Josef as it was drugged. ("Rage Against the Candy Machine")

Josef goes to the bar that Valentina Pace, the cousin of Maria Collins, and her band are performing at. He buys Valentina a drink and tells her that his employer has kidnapped Maria Collins who, if Val does not do as instructed, will be killed. Josef allows Val to talk to Mary via phone for a short wile so that she knows it's not a lie and Val becomes panicked. Josef gives her some secret documents that must not be opened by her, but delivered to her father who resides in a mental hospital, and, if Val opens them, Mary will die. Josef leaves leaving Val scared and confused. ("Sixteen Cent Watered Down Beer Night")

TBA ("A Very Very Soft Bed")